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Quick Turn Around PCB, Heavy Copper PCB



层数/Layers:4Layers FR4 5OZ

板厚/Thickness: 2.0mm

最小孔径/Min.Hole Size: 0.25mm


表面处理/Surface Treatment : ENIG

特殊工艺/Special Process:Heavy Copper 5oz

应用领域/Appilcation:High Power Rectifiers

Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy Copper PCB or calls Power Supply PCB is manufactured with copper weights anywhere between 3-20oz/ft2, Copper weights above 20oz/ft2 are also possible and are referred to as extreme copper. the increased copper weight combined with a suitable substrate and thicker plating for the through holes transforms the once unreliable,weak PCB (Quick turn around PCB) into a durable and reliable wiring platform. Now various power electronics products are being designed every days for a range of applications: such as Power line monitors, High power rectifiers, planar transformers, and power convertors,etc.