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Quick Turn PCB

What Is Quick Turn PCB


          Today, A lot of companies are purchasing faster lead times to get to market faster. Lead time is critical when prototyping a new design. Market competition can be attributed to the speed competition, we understand that speed is an essential part of the modern business equation. In other words, time and efficiency are the money.
          A new product, from research and development, test samples, mass production, how to shorten the production cycle has become the first factor of mutual competition. Only by improving efficiency can we seize the market.

          To help the customer to complete the project development in the first time ,cater to the demand for the fast delivery of the market order. We set up a professional team that specializes in Quick Turn PCB fabrication services. We have procedures in place to assure your order is expedited throughout the entire process. "Without Any Delay" are permeated our marketing, engineering, production, quality and other departments.
          With perfect international management system, continuously invested in the most up-to-date equipment and aggressively acquired the most advanced technology to make sure that we can provide the reliable Quick Turn Around PCB (QTA PCB) solution to our customers.
          We understand the importance of delivering on our promises, so we have a rock solid customer satisfaction guarantee.
No matter when you need your Quick Turn PCB, we can make it happen.
         Our Core Values is "Delivery on time is our constant commitment, high quality is our eternal pursuit".


Quick Turn PCB (Lead Times)


>100% fast delivery in 24 hour for double-side PCB
>100% fast delivery in 48 hour for 4-layers PCB
>3-5 days fast delivery turn available up to 6-10-layers
>Advanced technology 6-10 Layer and above designed with HDI larser drilling structure in 7 Days




Quick Turn PCB (Procedure)


1. Every PCB order needs a full engineering review before starting your PCB manufacturing begins, eliminating delays and potential quality problems.
2. Keep 20% of capacity open strictly for potential Quick-Turn PCB production.
3. Once ongoing production exceeds 80% of factory capacity, we embark on capacity expansion program to solve bottleneck problem.
4. Producing over 1800 unique part numbers (Quick-Turn PCB) per month.

5. To save time, Our engineering team are ready to assist in any of your designs, also we will give our suggestion for DFM services and consultation sessions if required about PCB layout, board stackup,impedance control,etc.
6. Even raising engineering questions (EQ) to our customer during quotation period, Also we will keep and update customer to have accurate and timely information when the board working in process.     

         Please send us the PCB gerber file with SPEC,we will respond to your urgent requirement WITHOUT any delay.