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Quick Turn PCB, Backplane PCB



  • 层数/ Layers:6 Layers FR4 TG175
  • 板厚/ Board Thickness: 6.0mm
    压接孔/ Min.Press Fit Hole Size: 0.3mm
  • 线宽线距/ Width/Spacing:3.5/3.5mil
  • 表面处理/ Surface Treatment : ENIG
  • 特殊工艺/ Special Process:Special impedance
  • 应用领域/ Appilcation:Main board

Backplane PCB

Backplane PCB (Quick Turn PCB) usually used a Printed Circuit Board also have been used in minicomputers and high reliability applications.To be a group of electrical connector in parallel with each others, each pin in PCB to each connectors are linked to the same relative pins of all the other connectors forming a internal systems.That is used as a backbone to connect several PCBs together to make up a complete systems.